We believe in the power of the essential.

We seek the simple truth for every brand, expressed with purpose and beauty. Inspiring. And freaking fun too.

The Spirit of McConkey

Life is a risk. To pretend differently is to fool ourselves. Shane McConkey understood that. He was an extreme skier/BASE jumper/ ski-BASE jumper/husband/son/father and vibrantly alive human being. We may not be jumping off a 5000-foot cliff with you, but we believe in looking at life in the same way that Shane did. We love a risk well taken.

We believe in five core values:



Be true to ourselves, our work, and the people around us.



Love what we do.



Seek to learn and gain perspective. 



Put others first. 


No bad vibes

Feel good and help others do the same. 



Believe us?

Anyone can put words on a page.  Work with us and we’ll show you our values in action.